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What is on your priority list for the next 6 months?
Tax consultation - Advice on how to save on your tax bills
Tax consultation - Review your business or property structures
Tax preparation - Personal
Tax preparation - Business
Property investment strategies
Review of my personal and business insurances
Help with business cash flow
Protecting my assets
Separation of my assets
Business planning/expansion
I have over $150k in my super and was interested in setting up an SMS
Reviewing my SMSF
What are your financial and business goals for the next financial year and how do you think we can help?
Our friends at Flatmart are experts in helping our clients with their personal and business finance needs. So they can help you best, please answer a few questions. What financial decisions will you be facing in the next 6 months?
Reviewing my finance options when my low fixed interest rate finishes. My interest rate rolls off in (mm/yy):
Exploring my options to refinance
Exploring my options to consolidate my debt, including my home loan
Reviewing my SMSF loan
How to use the equity in my home wisely to buy an investment property
How to finance my first home
How to help my adult children finance their first property
Understanding how the parental guarantee works and if it could be risky
In the next 6 months are you considering any of the following?
Moving to a new location
Buying my first property
My kids are buying their first property
Starting or expanding your investment property portfolio
Using a buyers’ agent to help you find/sell your next property
Please indicate if you would like our topic sheets on:
Your loan transition action plan
Will you be screaming “HELP” this year?
Ditch the credit card and increase your borrowing capacity
Are you cautious or optimistic?
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