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We are always looking to understand our clients and their needs. These survey questions help us to gain a better understanding so we can best support you.

With significant reductions in official interest rates over the last 18 months, when did you last review your interest rate and loan conditions?
Less than 18 months
18 months to 3 years ago
3 to 5 years ago
Longer than 5 years ago
I do not remember
Have you or anyone you know considered taking advantage of any of the first home buyer schemes currently available from the federal and state governments?
I am not aware of the current schemes available
Not applicable
During the last year, our world has been impacted financially. How has your business been impacted financially (tick all applicable answers)?
Experienced a decline in income
Have needed to identify potential savings in my business
Have or are looking to introduce new products/services to grow my business
Experienced an uplift in income
No financial change
In the next 6 months what are the most important financial decisions your business will need to make?
Recruit additional team member/s
Terminate a team member/s
Invest in sales and marketing
Invest in additional plant and equipment
Relocate business to new premises
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Is it time to re-finance?
When should I renovate or upgrade?
Keys to successfully securing a business loan
Creating cashflow from outstanding debtors

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