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Considering your current financial situation, what are your primary financial goals or objectives for 2024?
Focusing on paying off your mortgage faster
Restructuring your loan/s to reduce monthly expenses
Learning how to use the equity in my home to buy an investment property
Exploring financial strategies for increasing my property investment portfolio
Saving enough cash to buy my first home or investment property
Understanding the best way to finance a new car
Setting up a SMSF
Planning my transition into retirement
Other – please tell us…
When considering a financial service provider, what factors or services are most important to you?
Great customer service and building personal rapport
Industry reputation and trustworthiness
Product knowledge and lender partnerships
Diverse and comprehensive financial services
Market knowledge and experience
I don't know much about what a financial service provider offers
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Navigating the costs of buying and selling property
8 top tips to improve your finances
Unlocking the secrets to a stellar credit score
Two cool strategies to repay your debt
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