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Please tell us how we can help you achieve your property and finance goals in the next 6 months.
Review your finance options when your low interest rate ends soon
Consolidate your debt to reduce your combined monthly payments
Refinance to a lower interest rate
Help you buy your first home/investment property
Help your adult children buy their first home/investment property
Help you expand your investment property portfolio
Purchase a property in your SMSF
Refinance your SMSF loan
You’re thinking about buying a new car. How is the best way to finance it?
Review your insurance to obtain a better policy or price
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a great accountant who understands tax minimisation and property investment strategies
a good adviser who can help with wealth creation
an experienced buyers’ advocate or real estate agent to help you find a property
an insurance professional who can save money on your premiums
a good conveyancer who is reasonably priced
What’s your #1 MUST DO finance strategy in the next 6 months?
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Navigating the costs of buying and selling property
8 top tips to improve your finances
Unlocking the secrets to a stellar credit score
Two cool strategies to repay your debt
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